India Palace, you are a delight.

A staple of ours is becoming a tasty place known as India Palace in Indianapolis. A deceivingly simple restaurant front with rich and authentic foods inside. Simple name for such a yummy place. The paneer masala is the best I’ve ever had and I highly recommend giving it a try (I think it’s a great starter dish to Indian cuisine as well).

paneer masala.jpg

Paneer masala with extraordinarily rich and creamy sauce.


Nan, perfect for dippage, which did not disappoint.


As usual, I ordered kheer which was spot on. Well done India Palace!

india palace.jpg



Christmas at the Coal Yard

coal yard.jpg

The Coal Yard Coffee Shop

One of Indy’s local bands played in the spirit of Christmas at the Coal Yard Coffee shop. A charming and artsy place with local art, good beverages and a warm atmosphere. I gladly welcomed the opportunity to sip a locally brewed beer from the Fountain Square Brewing Company (my flavor of choice: pumpkin spice). Indy offers all sorts of delicious hops.

fountain square.jpg

fountain sqaure.jpg

Pride Band.jpg

Photo credit: Nathan Russell

Photo credit: Nathan Russell


A little photo humor… Photo credit: Nathan Russell


Hi Frankie!

Afterwards we ate at a phenomenal pizza place called Jockamo’s Upper Crust Pizza.

I don’t think pictures do the pie justice. The Cheese Louise was definitely my favorite, which was topped with gracious dollops of some of the best tasting ricotta cheese I’ve ever had.

Their expansive beer list allowed me to pair the meal with one of my favorites, Wild Blue blueberry lager.

wild blue.jpg

I love you, Wild Blue.


Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, Indianapolis.

Indy in route.

December 17th, 2015

750 miles, a 14 hour trip, and we arrive in Indianapolis, Indiana. My first time living outside of the south.

Indy Canal.jpg

The Canal, downtown.

Soldiers mem.gif

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, downtown Indy.

A few days prior, Patrick the horse makes his way to Indiana via MG Horse Transport, a transporter out of Kentucky. Patrick left on a Tuesday, parked and rested over night, and finished his journey Wednesday morning. He was extremely happy to be out of the trailer.


So glad you made it safe, Patman.